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SV/DL 1000 : Retarding ignition timing gives me mental madness

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Hi everybody

I m french, sorry for my poor english.

i have DL 1000 K7 with 60 ke milles that runs badly : performance like a 650, vibration, feeling running lean, high consumption

I have done all the checks with se service manuel. I have already changed many parts, and recently compl猫te engine for K9 with complete body throttle et ingniton coil (26 k milles) .. and no change馃が馃サ馃槨

There is black soot on spark plugs.

Compression test on new engine (2009) :
*Front : 190 Psi
*Rear : 180 Psi

But when i check it with my OBD SZ Viewer tools, i have -30,5 BTDC at idle :

When i see on the net, i found diagnotic of good DL 1000 K7 with "Healtech OBD" that say 7-8掳 BTDC at idle

-> The service manual told me it should be 5掳 degr茅 at 1200 rpm ( And 4掳 for the SV)

Which motorcycle is wrong ?
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Yes there is no DTC

Thanks very much for your help, Yes I am French, and I see that there is a very good level here compared to the French forums. On the other hand here in France, the SV/DL 1000 sold very little

The software is free and the box is a standard ELM327 at $10 on Amazon

I will try to search strobe light to check

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View attachment 118314
I got inspired and bought a cheap ELM327 and adaptor wiring. At the moment I do not have use for it, but at some point it might come in handy. Didnt know about this at all, only the error codes which can be showed in dealer mode.
I would be curious to have a screenshot of your diagnosis
I'm currently waiting on bearings, bushings, seals, and oil. Should show up in the mail middle of next week. Which would mean I'm heading to the workshop next weekend. Then I'll give you some feedback on readings.
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Had a chance to try out the ELM327 with SZ Viewer yesterday - however no luck. SZ Viewer was not able to read anything and messages was displayed suggesting it was a knockoff. I did test the cable and the two connectors seems to be wired correctly.

The ELM327 module works just fine in my car.
My brother have VCDS tool for VAG cars, will see if they outcome is any different.
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Damn, it must be a low-end ELM327. I had this problem with an ELM bought 5$ on Ebay

You need at least one ELM at $10-15
I'll try to get my hands on another ELM.
Seems like a lot of fake products are floating around.
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