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Hi everybody

I m french, sorry for my poor english.

i have DL 1000 K7 with 60 ke milles that runs badly : performance like a 650, vibration, feeling running lean, high consumption

I have done all the checks with se service manuel. I have already changed many parts, and recently complète engine for K9 with complete body throttle et ingniton coil (26 k milles) .. and no change

There is black soot on spark plugs.

Compression test on new engine (2009) :
*Front : 190 Psi
*Rear : 180 Psi

But when i check it with my OBD SZ Viewer tools, i have -30,5 BTDC at idle :

When i see on the net, i found diagnotic of good DL 1000 K7 with "Healtech OBD" that say 7-8° BTDC at idle

-> The service manual told me it should be 5° degré at 1200 rpm ( And 4° for the SV)

Which motorcycle is wrong ?
30.5 timing at idle is way too much at idle. I might even question if that is being measured correctly.

If you swapped out engines and still having issues, I would be looking at what did not change.

Fuel pressure?
Fuel flow?
Injector issues?

1 - 1 of 46 Posts