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Hi I went to turn on my sv1000 this morning and nothing was happening then red light came on with FI ????.
It sounds like something it happening when I press the electric start but nothing to do with the engine.

Disturbed, very...
2003 SV1000S
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Do you have a dealer mode switch, or the knowledge of how to enable that ?
There is a plug under the seat/pillion area with a rubber plug in it... two wires in it only, you bridge them and your dash will give you a "C00" function....
That will read from C00 (nothing wrong) through to C99 at worst....this tells you if a electrical item with ECU routing has an issue.

Beyond that, have you fixed the "Green Connector" ?
This is connection behind the head stem which carries power for the starting circuit, which has a bad habit of burning out.
This connector needs to be replaced with something more robust. Or at least, the one wire in there that dies has to be connected with
a decent connector and keep weather proof seperately.....
When this dies, the bike does all things but start......

Search "green connector" on th site and see what else can be advised
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