Please read carefully

2003 SV1000n, 14k miles, for parts only. This bike has been sitting for several years in my garage. In an effort to get it ready I have replaced the battery and fuel and it started right up. The throttle cables need adjusted, it dies as soon as shifted into gear, and the rear brakes seem to be inoperable. Other than that, the bike is in very good condition cosmetically and mechanically (as expected from a 14k mile garage kept single owner).

The bike has to be gone by the 24th of June and the buyer will need to trailer it. If not sold/moved by the 24th I will take it to the local salvage yard.

Price is listed at $500, if you would pay more and can pick up by the 24th list your offer in this thread. I'll take the highest offer received on the 20th.

Title is NOT clean and that is the problem. This bike was financed through a bank that went bust during the big financial crisis. They sold the debt to another bank that went bust and to another bank that went bust and so on.. I've tried to track down the lien holder to request a lien release but am tired to beating my head against the wall and am ready to move on. This is NOT a stolen bike; I am the only owner with the original sales paperwork, I am listed on the title (along with a lien holder). I took pictures of the license plate and VIN and encourage you to do a title search to verify.

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