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Is the N geared differently to the S? Or does lack of aero affect the top speed? What's the highest you N owners have had indicated? Ive clocked 147 w ith an MT10 confirming accuracy...No porkies please, leave the overestimating for bedroom chat 馃ぃ

Crazy Old Foole
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I've seen 154mph on my N with throttle left, but at that speed the wind was doing it's best to rip me out of the saddle. I didn't feel I was in control at that point, so I haven't repeated it.
FWIW, I weigh 150# w/o gear.

Disturbed, very...
2003 SV1000S
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248kmh ( 154mph) tapped out..... unsure what maybe changing from 17/40 oem gearing might achieve

Ran 17/43 once, didn't ever tap it out, yeah, it accelerated a bit quicker, but it lost that torquey feeling......
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