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I bought an 07 SV1k with 17600km on the clock a month ago. It is now at 18200km and I use it daily to work.

I've been following the forums and reading the threads to get better acquainted with my baby and have gone through the general stages of green connector paranoia to acceptance of all rattles clutch related.

There was a ticking sound which I noticed about 2 weeks ago that seemed to happen while travelling at low revs/speed under 3000rpm in 1st or 2nd gear. At first I thought it was exhaust leaking from the header...ticka-ticka-ticka...but I suspect it's valve related. It's now faintly audible at idle too.

Bike was serviced at 16k km but all that's written in the book is oil and filters (no dealer stamp- assuming it's "rev-right motors" spec.)
I'm guessing the TPS sensor needs to be set, and TB needs synchronization.

My question is, does the tick-tick from the valves mean imminent failure if I continue my work commutes, or do I still have some time to get cash together for a service? (we're expecting a little boy in a month, and all the finances are kaput. I'd DIY it, but I'm a ham-fisted loon with a wrench.)
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