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2007 SV1000s
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Just completed and more to come.
Evotech Tail Tidy fitted. Oem Forks replaced with 2000Gsxr750 forks (fitted with K-tech valving)
Went with this front end for 2 reasons! 1 - I already owned it and 2 - they are sliver and suit bike much better than gold ones.
Doing this mod really shows you how bad handling the oem stuff is. It is literally night and day the difference and I had linear springs in the oem forks.
Also run a Brembo RCS19 front brake with the oem tokico calipers. Much better than the OEM brake set up.
Rear wheel hugger also on the way.
Can't wait for my Bitubo XXZ31 shock to arrive so the oem rear shock can go in the rubbish bin, where it belongs.
Then it will be happy days. Summer is here, and a vastly safer more comfortable summer of sport riding it will be.
Wish I had done this stuff years ago.
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16041 - 16041 of 16041 Posts